Successful Marketing With Google Adwords

Pay Per Click (PPC) is an exciting form of marketing with search engines like Google. The key difference between Adwords and traditional marketing is that, with PPC, you only pay when someone clicks your ad and visits your website.

This means that, instead of paying for adverts which may not generate any response, Adwords allows you to only pay for responses.

What's So Great About Google Adwords?

(1) Marketing to a hungry crowd - because you're getting in front of your market at the moment they're actively searching - the point where they're most likely to buy - Adwords gives you a huge advantage over space advertising or direct mail, where prospects are rarely reached at the peak of their desire.

(2) Cost per prospect - the cost of a click can be as little as 1p, often less than 20p. Compare this to marketing with direct mail where a letter (with a good rented mailing list) is often 60p or more per piece.

(3) Detailed, accurate tracking of sales and enquiries - there's a famous saying in the marketing world: "half of the money I spend on advertising is wasted, unfortunately I don't know which half". That's never a problem with Adwords. Google has tracking systems that will tell you how many sales and enquiries you received - and where they came from... right down to the keyword and ad that produced these responses.

(4) Makes testing easy - Google allows you to rotate your PPC adverts. This, combined with the Adwords conversion tracking mentioned above, means you can test two or more ads for the same product and see which one gets the most clicks (or produces the most sales). This split-testing means you can scientifically - and easily - test and improve your ads. And, this constant testing and refining means you are able to increase the ROI of your Adwords ads. (try doing that offline)

How does Adwords work?

With Google Adwords (and with other Pay Per Click advertising systems like "Yahoo Search Marketing" and "MSN Ad Center"), you write an ad and choose:

  • - which page on your website you want the ad to click through to
  • - which words and phrases you want the ad to show for
  • - which countries and cities you want to advertise in
  • - how much you are willing to pay for a click (this is one of the key factors in deciding how high up your ad is)
  • - how much you are willing to spend in a day
  • - whether you want your ad listed on the Google search engine, on other websites, or both

As you can see, you have an incredible level of choice and control and this gives you the ability to market your offer to a very precisely defined audience (searchers in Google)

Adwords - Marketing Dreams Come True

Google Adwords Marketing is a direct advertisers dream. If you had told direct marketers about PPC 10 years ago, they would have thought all their dreams had come true: incredibly targeted markets, no expensive mailing lists, no postage, automated tracking and testing, dirt cheap clicks, instant results ... marketing has never been so good.

And, that's why I believe you should consider Google Adwords when marketing online.

So, if you want to sell on the internet, make sure you are cashing in on this goldrush. Check out my PPC Services to find out about using Adwords Advertising to get people to your website.

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