Articles About PPC - Techniques, Tricks and Tips

If you're managing your own pay per click campaigns, the tips from these articles should help you.

I've tried to keep them in plain English, but if you come across a term you are unfamiliar with, I've created a PPC Dictionary to help you.

Getting Started With Adwords

This article gives a couple of pieces of advice for beginners. In particular, how to manage your Adwords campaigns for profit and how to structure your account so you don't get low click rates

Does Adwords Work?

People often ask if ppc works or if it'll work for them. This article offers a simple and straightforward guide to find the answer for your website.

What is the "googleslap"?

A few years ago, Google shocked many of their Adwords advertisers by increasing their cost per click. Find out why some PPC marketers were asked to pay more and others weren't.

The Benefits Of Website Split Testing

Buying clicks (visitors) to your website is just half of the battle. What really counts is what you do with that ppc traffic once you get it. This article gives some tips about a scientific way for you to increase your conversion rate - i.e. get more sales per 100 visitors.

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