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If you're looking to learn more about PPC, I've written a report that could help. It's called "The Adwords Companion - 5 Essential Insights Google Don't Teach You About Adwords and covers...

- Why Adwords isn't really "pay per click"... and what that means for your advertising campaign

- What's the most important factor in Adwords success?

- What's the "PPC Slot Machine" and how do you use it to increase your profits?

- When people come to your website, what questions do they have and how do you answer them?

- The 3-step strategy that will increase your pay per click profits again and again

... and much more...

To get your free copy of "The Adwords Companion", just right click on this link (right click, "save as"): Adwords_Companion.pdf

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As well as this PPC report, I'd like to offer you 2 extra bonuses:

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(2) Another free report - called "The Mathematics of Marketing" - which shows you

  • - Which numbers you need to know in your business
  • - What you can learn about your marketing from these numbers
  • - How you can improve these numbers to make your business more profitable

(not just for Adwords/pay per click, for all forms of direct marketing)

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