Get More Pay Per Click Sales With Expert PPC Services

Effective Pay Per Click advertising can be very profitable for your business. However, because of the complexities of Adwords, it often requires expert knowledge to maximise the return from your click spend

My pay per click services can help you by...

- Lowering your cost per click

- Increasing your clickthrough rate - bringing in more visitors to your site

- Increasing your conversion rate - giving you more sales per 100 visitors

- Finding more keywords you can add to your ppc campaigns, again, increasing the number of visitors

- and much more...

What you get when you hire me

If you're shopping around for Pay Per Click management services, let me give you the main reasons why I believe you should talk to me:

(1) Price - youíll not find a competent and experienced marketer working for peanuts. However, I keep the cost of my PPC services down by keeping my overheads to the minimum.

I donít have expensive offices, I work from home. And, as I get most of my business by recommendation, I now spend very little time and money on marketing my own services.

This means my costs are very low and almost all my working time is spent servicing my clients. As a result, my hourly rate is comparatively low (currently only £40 per hour).

(2) A Level Payment Structure - Part of my job is to reduce your click costs, so I charge a flat fee. If I worked on a %ge of click spend (like many of my competitors do), every hour I spent reducing your costs would be an hour where I lost money, rather than earning it!

(3) When you hire me, you get me - unlike some big agencies, I do all the work myself, I donít pawn it off to some wet-behind-the-ears trainee who's expected to learn by trial and error on your dollar.

(4) Marketing experience and advice - as an experienced marketer (not just a PPC guy), I am able to advise on your web marketing strategy, your web copy and conversion process. If you read the PPC testimonials page, you'll see how much my clients have benefited from by ability to understand their marketing challenges and help them find solutions.

(5) I work "both sides of the click" - Adwords success isn't just about getting more clicks for less money, it's also dependent on the ability to turn those clicks into sales. As part of my pay per click services, I help my clients increase the conversion rates of their sites.

This often means taking time to pore over their web stats to find the weak spots in their sales process and then strengthening those weaknesses so more sales are made.

Now that you understand how I work, here are the 3 Pay Per Click services I offer:

(Note: there is no VAT charged and no hidden extras, so the prices below are the prices you pay)

(1) Pay Per Click Management

As your Adwords (and, if you want, Yahoo PPC) manager, I will either create a new pay per click campaign for you or take over the running of your existing account.

Then, after the campaign is running well, I will continue to monitor and improve the performance of your ads, keywords, bid levels etc. And, if you wish, I'll also help you with the conversion of the traffic once it reaches your site.

To manage a PPC account properly, it usually takes around 7 hours a month (more in month one, when there's more work to do). So, my fees are £285 in the first month and £225 a month thereafter.

(2) PPC Campaign Setup

For someone looking to benefit from Pay Per Click advertising, but doesn't have the budget or click spend to justify ongoing management, this is the idea service.

The first thing I do is a PPC feasibility review. This review will:

- identify your main key phrases

- look at the search volumes for those key phrases to make sure there is sufficient demand to make a professional PPC campaign worthwhile

- check the likely cost per click of your main terms

- review your website to see if it's likely to convert the PPC traffic we send to it.

This analysis will tell us if PPC could be expected to make good money for your business and what changes need to be made to your website to make a profit from each click you buy.

If we decide that ppc marketing is something you should and could be using, I then do a full analysis of the key terms, set up ad groups, write ads and work with you to set bid prices and daily budgets.

After that, you'll have a pay per click campaign set up and running for your business.

If you choose this option, there is a cost of £40 for the feasibility analysis. However, if we go ahead with the setup, that £40 is deducted from the setup cost of £300, so you'd only have to pay £260.

Important Note: The charge for the feasibility review is to separate the serious business people from the tyre kickers who are just after free advice.

The £40 doesn't adequately cover all the time, effort and expertise I put into doing each review. For this reason, I don't offer reviews as a separate service.

(3) PPC Optimisation

The last of my pay per click services is "optimisation". This is if you have a pay per click campaign you want to make more profitable.

I'll analyse your campaign statistics. If you've got website analytics that track the behaviour of visitors to your site, I'll review those so I can see where people are dropping off from your site.

This will give me the information to find out where the sticking points are and what needs to improve.

After that, I'll go through your adwords ads and keywords to identify areas where you can increase your profits. I'll also review your website and suggest changes that will make it more profitable.

As you can see, there's a lot of work in optimising. However, it's less time and effort than a setup, so the cost is only £290.

What To Do Now

If these services interest you, you can either email me at or give me a call during UK office hours on 0131 531 3320.

I'll be happy to take a look at your website - and your current PPC campaign if you have one - to see if I can help you.

Best wishes,

Steve Gibson

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